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All about us


Kookootonga is one of the original farms to be established in the beautiful region of Mount Irvine in the Blue Mountains.

Kookootonga has been owned by the Scrivener family since 1897 and the first chestnuts and walnuts were planted over 100 years ago. The majority of the orchard was created by Bill and Ruth Scrivener during the 1950s and 1960s.  Their daughter Robyn and her husband Mark now live at Kookootonga, managing the farm and caring for the chestnut and walnut orchard.

Kookootonga has a long tradition of pick your own walnuts and chestnuts. As in Europe, for many families, spending a day together nut picking, is a much anticipated annual event. At Kookootonga, some of our long time regulars are now bringing their third generation along with them!

It's a lovely experience, in a sublime setting and we warmly encourage you to try it!

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