Hints for (Nut) Hunters

Kookootonga is open 7 days a week 9am-4pm during March/April  Week days are much less busy than weekends. 

There are some important things to consider when you are planning a visit to our farm.


Wear sturdy shoes, and as the weather can change quickly a jumper/jacket/raincoat can be handy - especially for the kids.

The nearest petrol station is at Bilpin or Mount Victoria, over 40 kms  away - have a full tank! (Check our map).

Chestnuts and walnuts are $10 per kilo. Visa and Mastercard accepted.  There are no entrance fees.

You do not need to bring any equipment.  As the nuts ripen they fall to the ground and are gathered from the ground. We provide buckets.  Please do not climb, shake or throw objects at the trees as the risk of falls and injuries is too high. The nearest hospital is in Lithgow, 45 minutes drive away.

If you are arriving by car there is no need to make a booking.

We cannot accommodate large buses due to safety concerns.  Small buses carrying up to 15 are welcome and can park safely.

No pets are allowed on the farm as we need to consider that many customers are not comfortable with animals.

Be aware that walking from the parking area and around the farm may be challenging for the elderly or for those whose mobility is impaired.  Some areas in our paddocks are not wheelchair friendly.

The nearest picnic grounds are in Mount Wilson, nearest service station and cafes are Mount Victoria or Bilpin - please check our map. If you are a first time visitor to Mt Irvine it will help to visit our community web site.


It is a good idea to bring good quality gloves to protect you from chestnut burrs and other hazards.  We have gloves for sale.

Please avoid areas where farm machinery and equipment is stored or where hazard tape or rope barriers have been installed


All children are more than welcome, but must be under the constant supervision of an adult. 




Where is the nearest service station?

Nearest petrol is in Bilpin or Mount Victoria - each over 40 kms away. No petrol is available at either Mt Irvine or Mt Wilson

Should we bring any special clothing?

The weather can be unpredictable so it's always a good idea to bring a weatherproof jacket, sunhat and comfortable, sturdy footwear which covers your toes - chestnuts burrs are spiky! Gumboots are perfect if it is wet underfoot. Many people prefer to pick chestnuts wearing gloves; it is a good idea to bring a sturdy pair of gloves. We have canvas gloves for sale, but sizes are limited to large and small. The small would be too big for a young child.

What should we bring to eat and drink?

Bring water with you, gathering nuts can be thirsty work.  There are several picnic grounds in Mount Wilson with toilet facilities. Often fire restrictions prohibit barbecuing.  There are no gas barbecues in any local picnic areas.

There are no shops, cafes or petrol stations in Mount Wilson or Mount Irvine. The nearest shops and cafes are in Bilpin or Mount Victoria, each over 40 kms away.

Will my mobile phone get reception?

Mobile phone reception can be patchy, depending on your phone company, your particular location throughout Mount Wilson, Mount Irvine or Kookootonga.  The weather can also affect reception.

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