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Farm gate will reopen in March 2020

January 21st, 2020

We are so glad to let you all know that Kookootonga was spared from any damage during the bushfires which raged around our mountain, and that our orchard will be open for pick your own chestnuts and walnuts in March/April. Chestnuts are gathered from mid March until late April, and the walnuts from late March until mid April.  Just check this site, as we will keep you reliably up to date with what is happening in the orchard throughout the season.

The season is short, only lasting for about 6 weeks during March and April  When you arrive at Mount Irvine follow the signs to the Kookootonga car park entrance.

Chestnuts and walnuts will be $10 per kilo for 'pick your own'.  No need to book if arriving by car.

Always check this site immediately prior to your visit for any last minute updates.  Our most frequently asked question is 'when is the best time'...answer... check this site, it is constantly updated during the season so it will be the best information you can get. 

Week days are much less busy than weekends. 

Chestnuts tend to fall by early/mid March and finish by mid April. Walnuts start to fall in earnest by late March into April. Because of their huge popularity the demand for walnuts often exceeds what our trees can supply.  Those who arrive late (especially on Sundays) often find that the walnuts that have fallen have already been gathered.

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